What happened with famous Dua Lipa Tiktok star

What happened with famous Dua Lipa Tiktok star Economy Insights

So, how did Dua Lipa became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. You will not believe how much does this pretty girl earn!. Let's wait for 2023 to see new content from her
2022-10-11, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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How did Dua Lipa take over the world? Rise of a new pop princess

Dua Lipa is a British pop singer who instantly captivated the public with her self-titled debut in 2017... She began her musical career at the age of 14: performing covers of songs by other artists, the future pop princess uploaded them to YouTube, which attracted the attention of users to her person. In 2015, Lipa signed a contract with Warner Music Group, and very soon her first single was released ... And such tracks from her debut album as "New Rules" and "IDGAF" became big, multi-platinum hits! After that, Dua Lipa's piggy bank began to actively replenish with prestigious music awards and titles, and the fan base - with new fans!

Dua Lipa is adorable, no doubt! She demonstrates the atmosphere of a return to the past and the ability to create memorable pop with sincere restraint... And the Future Nostalgia album is a vivid proof of that! However - first things first. Who is Dua Lipa and how did she take over the world? Let's find out together...

Early years

It is noteworthy, but the name of this pop icon means “love” in Albanian... Indeed, Dua Lipa's music brings love and kindness to this world, making people feel strong emotions and inexplicable nostalgia for the past... Dua Lipa was born in August 1995 in London, England to Albanian rock singer turned marketing executive Dukagjin Lipa and his wife Anesa Lipa. The parents of the future star emigrated from Pristina to Europe with the onset of the 90s, fleeing violence and oppression ... It is worth noting that it was her father who had a great influence on Dua: he did not insist that her daughter become a singer, but it was he who instilled her love for music...

After going to high school, Dua had a negative life experience... She will then enter the prestigious Sylvia Young Theater School, where she will build her confidence.

First steps

In 2008, Lipa's family moved to Kosovo, but it was quite difficult for the girl there at first... At the age of 14, Dua began recording and uploading her first covers of songs by other artists on YouTube! Later, she convinces her parents to let her return to London, where, in fact, she will begin her ascent as a pop star...

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At first, Dua had a hard time: she worked as a waitress, as well as the hostess of a nightclub ... In parallel, she attended drama school with her friends, but in the end she dropped out and devoted all her free time to music ... At the age of 16, the girl plunged into the modeling business , but she did this not because of an interest in fashion, but because of a desire to establish contacts with people interested in music. She actively promoted her YouTube channel among new acquaintances and, finally, what she wanted so much happened - the first contract in her life with Warner Music Group! Dua Lipa's self-titled debut album was released under this label.

Music and success

The single “Be the One” brought the young pop star great commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic: it is noteworthy, but it was the only song from the album written by other people ... Anyway, the track turned out to be a big breakthrough for Dua to Olympus! Already at the beginning of 2016, Lipa embarked on her first tour of the UK and Europe, which lasted almost a year...

After the weak "Last Dance" and "Hotter than Hell", Lipa released the single "Blow Your Mind (Mwah)". Inspired by trying to transform herself physically to become a successful model, this track was Dua's first to hit the Billboard Dance Club Songs! However, the biggest hit was yet to come...

"New rules"

Released in July 2017, the single "New Rules" brought the performer wild success and fame ... In this song, Dua sings about trying to leave her ex. She explained the track's deep message in one of her interviews:

“It's about keeping your distance from someone who hurts you. I'm laying down some rules so that I don't go back to that person... Never!"

The set of rules is simple:

“First, don’t pick up the phone, you know he only calls because he’s drunk and alone.

Second: don't let him in, you'll have to kick him out again.

Third: do not be his friend, you will wake up in his bed only in the morning ... "

The popular music video, which has racked up almost 2.5 billion views in 4 years, was filmed at the Confidante Hotel in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue. The director was Henry Scholfield (he also shot the video for the song "Lost in Your Light"):

The idea for the visual identity was conceived by Scholfield and Lipa after several hours of discussion over tea at the performer's house. Dua told Billboard magazine that she "wanted to show how women take care of each other and support each other in the most difficult moment..." The song itself was ranked first in the list of the best songs of 2017 according to Time magazine!

Nostalgia for the Future by Dua Lipa

After the favorable reception of her first album, the fans were desperate for Lipa's next release... And they waited for what they so badly wanted (albeit after 3 years...) At the end of March 2020, the Future Nostalgia album was released... If to be precise, the album leaked online a week early, which left Lipa with no choice but to deliver much-awaited music to fans... Of course, the release of Future Nostalgia at a time when almost everyone was locked down due to the pandemic meant that there will be no tour. However, brilliant performances on the talk show proved to be the perfect solution for the presentation of this masterpiece...

Full discography:

Drawing inspiration from the music of OutKast, Prince, Gwen Stefani and INXS, this time Lipa drew on 70s disco, 80s pop and 90s club music. The critically acclaimed LP has been shortlisted for the 2020 Mercury Prize and reached number one in the UK, Australia and across Europe! The record presented such hit tracks as "Break My Heart", "Physical", "Love Again", as well as amazing clips for them...

Closing this triumphant period, Dua took home her third Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album...

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