t may not be a good idea merely to contradict each separate piece of conventional wisdom as a way of arriving at the truth, but we think we may be on to something here.

Scarcity (relative and absolute), or rather the idea of scarcity’s predominance over abundance, is at the core not just of Economics, but of political economy, and reaches, therefore, into all areas of life. The predominance of Scarcity has become a fundamental assumption affecting the whole of contemporary culture. In these pages, we hope to show that this is so.

And yet we are surrounded by great wealth. Some might argue that this is illusory, pointing to the catastrophe of worldwide poverty and famine.

Yes, we reply to such statements –there is an acute contradiction between the poverty of the billions and the massive accumulation of wealth.

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The epitome of abundance in a world in denial is the arms industry –not only do arms destroy but they also allocate resources (including human beings) away from socially useful activities, doing both things with a single basic justification: profitability.


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