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Lies, of course, will continue to be told if they are contained in the questions, so a truth drug would probably only help to smooth the process a little. As a result, we feel that in what follows, although the truth surely makes an appearance, lies (and secrets) still skulk around in many places, as well as omissions, denials and all the other tracks that lead back to the obscure, hidden from us because of our own involuntary dependence on the system’s story. But although Power knows itself very well and conceals a myriad of secrets, there is always far more it can never comprehend.
2011-08-17, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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Table of contents:

1) George Bush was fully aware that the 9/11 attacks were booked to take place. The attacks were based on the agenda summarized in the Project for a New American Century, initially involving another Pearl Harbor, but on a more massive scale, to gain support for America’s wars in Central Asia.

2) These wars are not the result of a supposed scarcity of petroleum, a belief popularized by our system to justify high oil prices, in the face of falling demand, which is merely a part of our overall “scarcity-for-all” agenda. Petroleum will not and cannot be substituted by ethanol made from corn or any other crop, worldwide or on a mass scale in the foreseeable future. Oil, as well as being a formidable source of gain for the elite, is still one of our most important instruments for international domination –but we are sharply aware that its importance as an energy source has been in decline since the 1970s, complicating the core problem faced by American power.

3) Yes, we intend to dominate the whole of Asia (and have intended this for some time), the hub of world growth and the natural westward extension of our influence, reasserting us at the center of the world map, in part by dominating the supply of oil from the rich fields of Iraq, Iran and elsewhere to China and India and so on, while also wiping out America’s fiercest popular rivals for ideological power in the world, which, at this early stage, center on Islam. Certainly, at the present time, Iran represents a major problem within our overall plan –to some extent, its refusal to budge helps oil prices to climb, but we want to dominate it and its highly strategic position makes it exceptionally difficult to break, making it a focus for all the other anti-American and non-American forces in the region.

4) Our military supremacy is vital, as we are presently showing in Iraq. Contrary to popular opinion that we are losing there, a ploy used by Democrats and others to stir up electoral opinion against the Bush government, the daily bombings are certainly not unexpected. They have the short-term effect of softening up people in the Arab world and the longer-term effect of demonstrating to everyone that America is the great molder of minds and souls; that the Iraqis will in the end have willingly to accept and adopt an American way of life, notwithstanding some very obstinate and ingrained resistance within that population. Even if we had no strategic plan for the world, war is now a key means for securing our power, including our economic survival –there is too much “civilization”, and we gain from destroying it, while war itself forces our order on the world – through fear and so on. As our agenda is so ambitious –and so long term –this simultaneous war purpose is ever-present, something that is very encouraging to America’s arms corporations and to our entire militarized economy.

5) Fundamentally, America is at war with the world, not with any particular country, with a world that has fallen from our earlier grasp. The present scenario is merely the sharp end of a global wedge that will later embrace the whole of the planet, to retain the lead and reaffirm our world mastery:

The loss of our former supremacy is unacceptable, but we are faced with a dilemma because in seeking to reassert it, we are forced to fight for an even greater supremacy.

But the general break-up going on in States throughout the world provides conditions favoring our success.


7) The world’s social structure has changed during the last 50 years or so. Before, economic growth meant that we needed large unskilled or semi-skilled industrial work forces to man factories and so forth. With the growth of productivity (and our export of jobs abroad), that need has diminished greatly and the unskilled and semi-skilled are increasingly dispensable. They have become the material for low-paid jobs in the services sector, which grew as abundance overflowed in manufacturing. Productivity rates, among other factors, have meant that even this sector has not been able to provide sufficient work for so many hands. As a result, the informal sector has grown continuously, remolding the true workings of the State due to tax evasion, etc. There are still large numbers of people who serve no great purpose in our system, unless it can find alternative uses for them. One immediate use is being provided by our long-term eastward drive. War helps to stimulate economic growth, as well as providing a military channel for these people. Yes, I do mean that to include their death, and the deaths of civilians who get in their way.

It may be thought that America’s economy can be neatly divided into civil and military parts. But such a division has become less and less admissible. Even food can be seen as a part of the ammunition in our war for supremacy, a war we shall win because it is so total, so all-encompassing, one in which everything is pitted against our enemies, in which only we are fully conscious of its purpose, the range of instruments with which it will be fought, and its depth.

8). The rise of the informal sector of the economy has justified and protected America’s salvation: organized crime. All capitalist systems are built on crime, but this took on especial dimensions in America from the 1920s. The mob has been a force here for a long time, but it is ultimately built on the ingenuousness and credulousness of populations. Our educational policies have, therefore, ensured that masses are “dumbed-down”, and we have been able to convince others around the world of the benefits of our teachings.


There are other benefits. Poor workers are kept poor under threat of death if they tell anyone how they are scraping a living. Drug mafias buy arms, thus pushing up the demand for this sector of the economy. And trade is boosted because countries are forced to divert resources away from what their populations need and import them from us, for instance.

However, all these benefits do also carry with them certain problems. Drugs are so lucrative that everyone and his uncle wants to get in on the act. This growth of interest has to be controlled or it leads to the overproduction of drugs, falling prices and falling profits. Not just for that reason, then, do we want only our people involved in this highly sensitive area. We have to sponsor periodical drives in this area to re-establish our control. People can believe what they like, and we encourage them to do so –but our drug-war operations are never aimed at wiping out the drugs economy –we would be fools to destroy such a lucrative operation. The drug war is always aimed at establishing our control over the business.

Due to its illegality, the drugs economy, indeed the entire criminal economy, requires large hierarchies to distribute its products and conceal from the public enough of the operation to enable us to go on doing this thing.

Populations are continually polarized into rich and poor through this magical commodity. Given the growth of productivity and the marginalization of human labor, together with the opening up of economic niches everywhere for other countries to exploit, it should not be surprising that drugs have played an increasingly important role in upholding America’s supremacy in the world –nor should their links to our armed forces be surprising, their role in financing the Pentagon’s so-called “black budget”, an additional source of funding to keep America ahead in this vital area, enabling us to push forward as the greatest power history has ever known.

Like petroleum, drugs will continue to form a part of America’s shaping of the world economy. As long as America dominates the world, the drug mafias and the drug routes will be a part of that world –like oil, this set-up is an instrument of our rule.

9) Meanwhile, our most precious asset, our highly-trained professionals and the hierarchies we have created for them, are becoming too conscious of the dilemma we are in. They must be protected from the influence of discontent beyond their work and home environment and more deliberately molded into the roles they were intended for. Our professionals and many independent capitalists are not entirely like us. If they can be persuaded to see the world as we do, then there is no problem. But most of them, despite their wealth and their conservatism, do not and they have to be diverted from the realities of the system. Privilege and fear, our greatest ally, must go on playing their part in maintaining the hermetic divisions built up over the last 50 years, as well as to consolidate this system everywhere.

10) All around us at home, critics are appearing –the Democrats are trying to capture the high ground from us. It is no secret that their intentions are the same as ours, but they have surrounded themselves with a panoply of dissent. If what we have done to retain power in our hands is revealed, the danger exists of a crisis of legitimacy at home, spelling a melt-down in America’s federal system, because America’s radical individualism is still bubbling below this surface we strive to maintain. Indeed, we have created a situation in which a really forceful challenge would indeed threaten the foundations of America’s existing order –we doubt that the Democrats would dare to take up that challenge.

It is the job of the entire political apparatus, which includes our political opponents, to avert such eventualities, and although we do not wish them to come to power –as ever –there may be no alternative to a future win by the Democrats, if the Federation is to survive as an entity. But they would come to office surrounded by revolutionary populism. Although we are tolerating the statements being made by some old hands from our own governments, seeking to demonstrate to the American public that the Bush Administration was behind the 911 attacks, this is because we cannot really stop them right now. That is democracy –as long as these people help to channel the true radicals they do serve our mutual purposes. However, in the interests of continuity, of the program that was partially unveiled by the events of September, 2001, we may have to demand an end to this democratic luxury.

As we have demonstrated, power is not determined at the polls –Bush did not come to power because he won more votes than the Democrats. Elections are still very important; the number of votes is not so important. The Democrats are playing a dangerous game now with democracy, pulling along all manner of out-of-range opinion to push their votes up. We do not want to move to a situation where the election game is abolished, but if we have to we shall do this.

I mentioned above that the social structure has changed greatly –with the marginalization of a large proportion of the population –and this is true all over the world, not just in America –*political participation has changed*. People who are marginalized economically are also marginalized culturally and politically. They may provide the soil for extremists, but they also represent easy game for our traditional political institutions: the media, the Church, the Armed Forces and the two major political parties, etc. The fact that a large proportion has been alienated and does not take part in elections because neither of the great parties represents them is well understood and is another factor easing our concentration of power. And if public opinion is able to move some of this apathetic mass into action, we do face serious problems.

However, you would be wrong to believe that the Democratic Party is against our overall agenda –America’s war policy is of our making, including the leading core of both the large American parties. Our critics may have to be stopped, most likely by some event that would have many other repercussions and which would distract the public eye. But arranging for such an event in a way that would not be too easily identifiable as a part of our agenda –at least not immediately –is becoming increasingly difficult now; time does help as an amnesiac, but events have to be choreographed so that memory is obliterated –the media is at the sharp end of that process. A world of Internet surfers is watching our every move, trying to out-smart us on every small incident, and we have to get on top of that as well.

11) If the nightmare were to occur and this government fell, and if the Democrat, Reaganite Republican and democratic or libertarian Republican forces were unable to present an alternative to us, in the face of growing hostile public opinion, and leadership of the 911 truth movements (etc.) were consolidated in other hands, America might lose its footing in the world. We would enter an ever more dangerous scenario in which the world would also loose its footing. Such a dangerous scenario could divide America’s elite far more than it is presently divided, and some among us here at home would be tempted to apply more desperate remedies. A scramble for power might occur here at a time when the country itself was nearing social breakdown. Under these conditions, there is no knowing what the more extremist enemy States might engage in. Weapons of mass destruction could only be of any use by any country, including out own, if a command center could be guaranteed after their application. Moreover, if we should be pushed to such limits, then our human resources could shrink both absolutely and relative to other forces –we could find ourselves at war with the American population. Our advanced weaponry would only serve us if we were able to buy the loyalty of human resources, feed and house them and generally accommodate their needs –hence the importance of the economy in time of war. The chances of survival of American power in such a complex situation are impossible to predict and such an eventuality is frightening to contemplate.

12) At present, the future looks increasingly uncertain –among others, Europe (both separately as countries and collectively as the EU), notwithstanding its obedience to the greater global need to maintain American world leadership, is simultaneously exploiting the situation to present itself as an alternative to our global dominance. Certain forces in Britain, for example, have their eyes set on reinventing the British Empire (the same can be said for France, etc.), if America were to fail today or tomorrow. Germany has cultivated its hinterland, and particularly towards the east, including the Russian Federation, where it has great influence. Of course, given our military superiority, we shall prevent these States from encroaching on our designs, assuming such tendencies cannot be made to serve us. However, our efforts here will have to be subordinated to our determination not to allow the world to become the victim of an Oriental resurgence (which could announce itself in as little as 20 years), and what would surely be a consequent centuries’ decline into the shifting sands of worldwide anarchy. Only if America’s interests were better served than Europe’s by the rise of China or India, or a federation of Asian States, might we accede to such a solution, although such possibilities are too remote, as are many other hypothetical scenarios.

13) American policy is not simply the policy of its government, but the policy of its dynasts. Even if the Democrats were to come to power, the Bush family nexus would remain in charge at many other levels. Bush best represents American Capital because he and his family have moved to the apex of power in so many areas over a period that goes back to the 1930s –in business, in intelligence, in government and elsewhere. The family’s path to power has been lit up by its religious fundamentalism, its support for Hitler and fascism, its association with organized crime and its domination of the drug-trails worldwide, the impunity it has cultivated in high office, its mastery of U.S. Intelligence, its powerful position in the arms industry and its links with the military, and its links with the financial oligarchy of which it now forms an integral part. The Bush dynasty represents the modern 21st century face of American power, total power in this world of high productivity and shattered social classes.

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