The rtmp and http communication protocols for streaming and radio

The rtmp and http communication protocols for streaming and radio Economy Insights

Now we are left with the last one. What do you think it is? Before we start playing with cameras and other toys.
2022-11-30, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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Yeah, I can't wait any longer either. But let's figure out how your computer interacts with the service and the various viewing devices? This is done using RTMP and HTTP. What the heck is that?

The rtmp and http communication protocols

RTMP and HTTP are communication protocols that help computers transmit video content.

It's like a language between people. RTMP is for streaming to desktops and HTTP to mobile devices. RTMP protocol means real-time messaging and is a global standard by Adobe, it was developed for communication between flash players and Adobe servers. RTMP has many handy features, such as adaptive streaming and automatic streaming adapter, as well as just the quality of the stream with respect to Internet connectivity for viewers (we used it to stream news on russian radio).

You will encounter RTMP when you make your first broadcast. It can be a server using special links provided by hosting platforms like YouTube , or for something similar, but mobile devices don't like it. In fact, Apple doesn't support it, so you should use HTTP protocol servers to deliver your live streams to mobile devices. Plus there's an HLS version for Apple iOS and an HDS version for Google Android. In the past, there was no adaptive ability to do broadcasts for mobile devices, but now the best hosting solutions are supported.

Protocols are a surprisingly huge topic. It's extremely complex and there's almost no point in knowing anything else additionally. There is no common standard here. It's unfortunate, but all the big players like Adobe, Google, Apple, Microsoft are all struggling to make things even more complicated for their own purposes.

I hope you don't have to worry about that at all. All of the hosting solutions I recommend in this course will automatically provide the right broadcast for desktop and mobile users.

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