Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey

Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey Economy Insights

Violet Art Gallery, a renowned art gallery from Busan, South Korea, is proud to announce its expansion into the UK with the opening of its new venue in London.
2023-11-30, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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This significant event was marked by the showcase of "Poetry in Grey", a unique collection of graphite drawings by the distinguished artist and art dealer, Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo de las Tormentas de Rizo.

Tamara Amaré, known in the art world not only for her creative talent but also for her outstanding career as an art investor and her academic background with an MBA, has chosen Violet Art Gallery to exhibit her latest series of works.

Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey

"Poetry in Grey"

"Poetry in Grey" is an artistic exploration that captures the delicacy and dynamics of ballet through graphite drawings, offering a new perspective on the form and movement of the ballerinas.

The exhibition not only represents a milestone for Violet Art Gallery in its international expansion but also highlights the versatility and depth of contemporary art. Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo  brings a unique vision to the art world, merging her experience in art trade and investment with her innate ability for artistic expression.

Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey

The Interview

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us, Tamara. Your upcoming exhibition, "Poetry in Grey", has generated a lot of excitement. Can you tell us what inspired you to create this series?

Tamara: Absolutely, and thank you for having me. "Poetry in Grey" is inspired by my lifelong fascination with ballet. I've always been captivated by the grace and strength of ballet dancers, and I wanted to capture that in my medium, which is graphite drawing and oil painting. The monochrome palette really allows the subtlety of movement and emotion to shine through.

Interviewer: That's fascinating. How do you feel your background as an art dealer and investor has influenced your work as an artist?

Tamara: My experience in the art business has given me a unique perspective. I understand the art world not just from a creator's viewpoint but also from a commercial aspect. This dual perspective has helped me be more experimental and bolder in my artistic choices, knowing what resonates with audiences and collectors.

Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey

Interviewer: Your use of graphite is quite distinctive. Why did you choose this medium for your ballet series?

Tamara: I find graphite to be incredibly versatile. It allows for a range of expression, from the softest grays to deep, intense blacks. This range is perfect for depicting the fluidity and drama of ballet. Also, the simplicity of the medium helps in focusing on the essence of the subject without the distraction of color. I also like to include brushstrokes from oil paintings to create unique pieces.

Interviewer: As an artist with an MBA, how do you balance the artistic and commercial aspects of your work?

Tamara: It’s a delicate balance. The MBA in me focuses on the marketability of my art, the trends, and the business side of things. However, the artist in me is always driven by passion and creativity. I try to merge these two aspects by creating art that is not only true to my vision but also has a place in the contemporary art market.

Tamara Amaré Monzoncillo and her Poetry in Grey

Interviewer: Finally, what did the  visitors took away from your exhibition at Violet Art Gallery?

Tamara: Visitors experienced a sense of connection with the art. I wanted them to feel the emotions and the stories that each piece tells. My ultimate goal is for viewers to see ballet and my interpretation of it in a new light, appreciating the beauty and complexity of both the art form and the medium I’ve used.

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