Private jets: Now affordable!

Private jets: Now affordable! Economy Insights

Flying in a private plane is probably a dream for many. Of course, owning an aeroplane is probably impossible for almost everyone.
2023-03-23, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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However, travelling on private jets nowadays may no longer remain just a dream! Over the past few years, the market has seen an explosion of companies offering charter flights on private jets UK charter flights.

Sharing-economy and empty-legs flights

The big news is not so much the existence of such a phenomenon, but rather its cheapness. The rise in popularity of charter flights has led to a continuous lowering of prices. Right now, the private jet rent price is comparable to the of a first or business class ticket on commercial aircraft.

How is this possible? Thanks to the sharing-economy trend that has taken hold in the new millennium, shared flights and empy leg flights have emerged. This is why travelling on board a private jet has suddenly become affordable.

Empty legs flights: definition

What is an empty leg flight? It is a flight in a private plane, which has been booked in one direction (one-way). So it has to make the return flight without passengers. That said, these 'empty leg flights' or 'empty flights' can then be sold to other travellers at a discount.

Even if the departure times are not very flexible, it is possible to get a luxury service and save a lot of money!

Comparison of Empty Legs and Jet Sharing, differences

Jet Sharing is a business jet flight with the possibility of renting a specific seat. Since the flight involves the presence of fellow passengers, discounts on tickets are up to 90%. The flight is only possible when a specific group is recruited, which is necessary to fill the charter cabin.

You can rent any number of seats in the cabin, which is convenient for family or corporate flights.

You can order the flight empty legs in two directions

If the customer is engaged in the search for a Jet Sharing flight independently, the probability of finding an offer is extremely low. That is why it makes sense to turn to an airline broker who will find the best Jet Sharing flights, including two-way destinations.

How does Empty Legs work?

Current offers are always publicly available on the aviation broker's website. The customer can contact the manager at any time and receive comprehensive information on flights and ticket prices. In addition, the manager monitors the organisation of the flight.

If you can find travel companions, the ticket price will decrease several times. Many customers are surprised that airlines offer such low prices for flights with empty legs, it happens in such situations:

  • the customer has only paid for the flight in one direction, respectively, the plane returns empty;
  • the plane flies to an airport in another country where the customer is located.

Consequently, part of the cost is borne by the customer and the remaining amount is the price of the empty leg service. Such a scheme is in demand among customers who frequently use corporate jets.

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