PlayStation 5, all about the Sony console: specs, price, games

PlayStation 5, all about the Sony console: specs, price, games Economy Insights

In a 2020 that is difficult to predict, the next generation of consoles has nonetheless managed to make the appointment: despite unforeseen setbacks and reversals of fortunes due to the COVID-19 emergency, Sony has confirmed that we will soon be able to get our hands on PlayStation 5.
2022-11-29, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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We see in this article a veritable vademecum dedicated to the next-gen console, to guide fans through the different features of PS5 and provide all the answers so far to their questions. The article will be updated as more details emerge.

What is PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is Sony's fifth-generation home console. It is a platform that builds on the legacy of the market success of the PlayStation 4 and the Japanese manufacturer's previous consoles before it.

Sony announced during its event on 16 September that the PlayStation 5 would be launched on 19 November in Europe. The console had its full debut on 12 November in some markets (such as the US and Japan), but took an additional week to be available on Italian soil.

PlayStation 5 price

PlayStation 5 is offered in two models and, consequently, with two different prices. The standard model was sold at the full price of €499.99. The digital model was instead sold at €399.99.

On 25 August 2022, Sony announced a price increase for PS5, which will cost 50 euro more in Italy. The new official prices are: PS5 Standard: €549.99. PS5 Digital: €449.99.

PlayStation 5 standard and digital: what's different?

PlayStation 5 standard is the model of the console that includes all the features and specifications Sony has envisioned for its next generation. PlayStation 5 digital has the exact same spec sheet (SSD, RAM, CPU, GPU), but lacks the Blu-Ray drive, making it mandatory to rely on downloading video games in digital format, rather than the traditional copies sold on disc.

How powerful is PlayStation 5? The specs

Even before releasing the PS5's full spec sheet, Sony had confirmed that the console would rely on AMD CPUs, as well as GPUs from the AMD Radeon line, specifically made for its platform.

The console's flagship according to Sony, however, does not lie in its brute graphical power of 10.3 TFLOPs (PS4 Pro stopped at 4.20), but in its SSD. Saying goodbye to the traditional mechanical hard drive, PlayStation 5 boasts extremely fast load times and a slimmer game weight, as in some cases duplicate assets do not need to be inserted to overcome the slow loading of data.

What can you do with PlayStation?

Once you've created your PSN ID, you can start using all of our online services, such as online play with PlayStation Plus, games and films to download from PlayStation Store, TV and film streaming services and all the other online features of PS4.

How much does PlayStation network cost?

If you are a new user, your PlayStation Plus subscription is free for 14 days, otherwise it costs €8.99 for one month, €24.99 for 3 months or €59.99 for 12 months. You can also purchase PSN gift card UK-issued which is a good deal.

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