How to get Instagram followers for free

How to get Instagram followers for free Economy Insights

The more thoroughly you do the preliminary work, the more likely you are to interest potential customers and gain your first subscribers.
2022-11-28, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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Table of contents:

Write an action plan

A clear plan will help you not miss days of posting and track your progress on Instagram. Try putting yourself on a strict regimen for 30 days to reach your goal of 3,000 followers using 50 free likes as well.

How long does it take to promote Instagram from zero to 3,000

We need to get 3,000 followers - that's 100 people a day. With 8 hours of work, we need 12 people per hour. Let's assume that every tenth person who saw the publication will subscribe to you. So the conversion rate is 10%, and you need at least 120 people an hour to learn about you.

Make sure that this statistic is observed - look at the report on your page every night. If growth is not enough, then scale up. Hold 2 marathons, put up some ads, ask not 5, but 10 friends to talk about you.

Content is right for the audience?

You understand who you're attracting to your account. Don't write "girls, look at the bouquets on my page for March 8" under a post by a fitness trainer on how to lose weight after childbirth. That's where advice about your yoga mats would look more harmonious. Don't have a "my menu for the week" marathon if you're selling financial planning services.

Regular postings

You may have published 12 posts and forgotten about the account while promoting. To keep your mugshot in Instagram Stories always active and posts coming out at least 2-3 times a week, use SMMplanner. Shoot content for storis, write posts, take a couple of hours of deferred scheduling, and engage your audience.

Run a marathon

Gather an audience for a useful marathon. Come up with a theme and easy tasks for the week. Here you can also promote the publication (you remember that we transferred the page to a business profile, and they are the only ones who have this option right from their Instagram account). Ask your friends to participate or tell their acquaintances. Be sure to organize activity under posts and in storis to promote the account: collect reports on tasks or come up with challanges for shooting videos for Stories on Instagram.

To summarize

To promote an Instagram page from scratch to 3,000 followers in a month, you'll need regularity. In action and updating content in your profile. Write out a plan for the days of the week and mark your progress. Treat promoting your account like a game, and your persistence will turn into excitement. Remember that after the first 1,000 subscribers, it gets a lot easier! Don't give up if you're behind schedule. Once you get past the "valley of death," the snowball effect will begin and the growth will be faster.

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