Best coffee makers under $100

Best coffee makers under $100 Economy Insights

Once you decide on a brand - consider that half the battle is already done!
2022-11-26, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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The fact is that within the same brand, different coffee machines will prepare you plus or minus the same coffee, even if the price for these machines will differ twice! Why is it so? Because as the price increases, we pay primarily for convenience - for the presence or absence of an automatic cappuccinatore, for the number of built-in programs and additional user profiles, for color screens, for the ability to change and program recipes, etc., etc.

The quality of espresso

As for the quality of espresso preparation itself (on the basis of which almost all other drinks are prepared) and its taste characteristics, they will be primarily influenced by the choice of grain, and not at all by the choice of a particular model of the device.

A sly reader at this point will ask - if the quality of a drink within one brand does not differ too much - why not choose one of the cheapest models? The question is completely fair! It is possible that for the questioner, a cheap coffee machine will actually be the most successful choice. Indeed, if a person is not ready to overpay for all sorts of “conveniences” or simply does not see any practical sense in them (for himself, of course), then by adapting to the features of an inexpensive model, he will be able to get about the same drink that the owner is used to drinking. more expensive model. True, most likely, an amateur to save money will have to spend a little more effort on it.

So, what additional benefits can we get by spending a little (and sometimes quite a lot!) Above the minimum reasonable budget?

Additional features

In addition to the above features that directly affect the taste of the drink and its characteristics, the price of the Best coffee maker under 100 can increase significantly due to the presence of secondary options that do not directly affect the taste of coffee, but make life easier for the user (or simply decorate the device).

The simplest example of such an optional option is a high resolution color touch screen. It is clear that the color screen and its resolution do not affect the quality of the coffee in any way.

However, today buying a coffee machine with a black and white display (or without it at all) is no longer fashionable, not stylish, and in general - a sign that you have tried your best to save money. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to look guests in the eyes after that?

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