Where NFT already works and how it changes these areas

Where NFT already works and how it changes these areas Economy Insights

Games are now the largest sector of the digital economy with a lot of completely non-interchangeable items. And they can greatly benefit from the introduction of NFT. Each in-game item becomes more valuable when it is tokenized. And, therefore, the game itself becomes more valuable for the user. And developers will no longer be forced to use complex models to pump money out of the player.
2022-03-25, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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Also, NFTs and blockchain enable the Earn to Play model in games.

It's already happening. Just to withdraw funds, you have to use unofficial marketplaces, where there is little trust for both the seller and the buyer.

Any asset in the blockchain game is easily transferable by nature. Therefore, games can become a real income for many. In probably the most famous crypto game Axie Infinity, some players from third world countries earn more in games than they would earn offline.

Best projects

  • Axie Infinity is the largest crypto game ever. We need to breed mythical creatures, Axie. Inspired by the Pokémon universe. Pets can fight. For them, you can buy land and build your kingdom.
  • Gods Unchained - classic card collectible
  • Neon District - Cyberpunk RPG
  • Sorare - football manager + collecting
  • CryptoKitties - A game about breeding crypto kitties. It all started with her.
  • Art
  • CryptoRenaissance - that's how I want to call what is happening now with art thanks to the NFT.

Like 5 centuries ago, habitual values ​​are changing before our eyes and are reflected in art. Like 5 centuries ago, a technology arose that turned everything upside down. Then it was typography. Now it's blockchain. And, most importantly, the artists finally received financial support, which allows them to devote all their free time to creativity and explore with its help the changes that are happening to society.

Some digital artists deny the allocation of "crypto art" as a separate direction. Yes, it's a very broad term. But if you look at crypto art for a long time, it starts to look at you, then it becomes obvious that all these works are united not only by the fact that they are tokenized. The choice of topics, styles, artistic techniques - all this creates a rather homogeneous world, for which it is already possible to single out a separate term "crypto art", although not yet fully formed.

And now to the daily bread. The programmability of the NFT allows, for example, making royalties automatic. That is, you will be able to receive% of each resale of your work. And it will not depend on the willingness or unwillingness of the intermediary to pay you. The commission is written in the smart contract and will go to your crypto wallet automatically.

Best projects

SuperRare is one of the first platforms. For rare (11) editions of digital works. High average quality of work and prices. Pre-moderation.
NiftyGateway is the top platform for crypto art. They love mass drops, when one work is sold in several copies, + some VIP version 11 separately for a high price. It is they who organize most of the largest sales in terms of the amount of proceeds. Beeple sold $3.5 million worth of work on NiftyGateway in one weekend (although he had been drawing them for 13 years before that). Rigid pre-moderation, of course.

NFT Profit software helps you to discover how to make passive income with digital art and earn unlimitedly. Thanks to NFT Profit’s innovative technology that keeps up with the latest trends on the NFT market.

Foundation is a young moderated boutique platform.
Rarible is the most democratic platform. Anyone can mint (that is, tokenize) their work. Made by Russian guys. But in general, Rarible is not only for crypto art. This is a marketplace for any NFTs.
OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in general and crypto art in particular. Basically, secondary sales are made on OpenSea. But in general, they have everything to mint their work. It's just that it's a little less convenient to promote them on OpenSea. But if you rely on your subscribers, OpenSea is a great choice.

Ted Jackman

Ted Jackman contributor to abundance.org.uk
Independent Financial Adviser