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What benefits can you get after obtaining such a certificate? The question arose to learn for myself, to improve my qualifications.
2021-11-19, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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I trade with my own money, I do not work in the investment field. Nevertheless, if you are doing something, you need to do it well, and for this you need to thoroughly understand the whole situation. Having other certificates (not related to trading or investments) I am sure that certification is an excellent theoretical addition to the practical daily routine. It may be necessary to change the field of activity in the future. A correctly chosen certificate will be of great help in finding a new job.
As I understand it, there are the following main types of certifications. How do they differ from each other? In which direction is it better to go?

CFA– Chartered Financial Analyst

Globally recognized certification in investment management and financial analysis of stocks, bonds and derivatives. Focuses on project portfolio management, financial analysis and provides an overview of other financial areas.

CMT– Chartered Market Technician

CMT certificate confirms expertise in technical analysis for financial markets. Focuses on various techniques of technical analysis, examines a huge amount of technical characteristics, such as changes in price patterns, volume, trend, momentum, volatility. For preparation use textbook.

LIFA– Licensed International Financial Analyst

LIFA is intended for stock analysts, portfolio managers, investment advisors and other investment professionals. Includes areas such as: asset valuation, corporate finance, derivatives, financial analysis. reporting, and others.

FFMS certificates

FFMS provide opportunities for trading on the Russian stock exchange. Perhaps someone will also be interested, but not in my case, because I am not a resident of Russia and do not plan to work in this market.

I read the previous topics, in fairness, we need to supplement the list with one more item: CIIA - Certified International Investment Analyst, which in theory gives the same knowledge as CFA, but due to its lesser popularity, it is not so popular among traders.

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