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Most of the programs that are used in pentesting from Linux are cross-platform and work great on Windows. The only exceptions are programs for Wi-Fi. And even then it`s not about the programs themselves (Aircrack-ng, for example, is a cross-platform set of programs that comes with official binaries for Windows), but in the network adapter monitor mode in Windows.
2022-03-21, by Ted Jackman, Independent Financial Adviser

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Overview of hacker gadgets 2022. The main weapon of a real hacker is his brain. But even the best brain will not refuse these things. What is the Best laptops for hacking in 2022? Here are the gadgets that every self-respecting hacker should have. These devices will be especially useful for beginners. 

Asus Expertbook B5

The Asus Expertbook B5 is a great business laptop with good hardware. It's full of little things that make the job easier. For example, you can cover your webcam with a shutter if you are concerned about privacy. The logo on the cover has an LED that glows red during video calls to let others know that the owner is busy.

One of the features of the laptop - the touchpad is combined with a number pad. It works like this: if you need to type numbers, the device switches the input mode and highlights the touch markup of numbers on the touchpad. It is convenient if you have to actively work with them.


The keyboard also deserves praise. The keys are large, with a deep and clear course. The manufacturer has taken care of a sufficient number of ports for a business laptop: there are two Type-C, micro-HDMI, an audio jack, USB Type-A and a full-fledged HDMI.


The 14-inch display can be either IPS or OLED, depending on the configuration. Both there and there it is first-class: the display is perfectly calibrated, the color gamut is wide. In fact, a laptop is enough not only for office tasks, but also for working on content. But you should not forget about the disadvantages of OLED either: for some, the flickering of the screen may seem redundant, so it’s better to evaluate the laptop in the store before buying.

The Asus Expertbook B5 also boasts excellent battery life - over 10 hours under moderate load. And this is with such small dimensions - the device is quite compact and light.

The Expertbook B5 is one of the few laptops that is geared towards solving business problems. It is difficult to find fault with something: ergonomics, display, autonomy and quality of materials are at their best. The model is sold in different versions: those who want to save money will choose an Intel Core i5 processor + 8 GB of RAM, and for demanding customers, a bundle of Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM is suitable.

The laptop is available both in the "regular" version and in the transformer format - with the prefix Flip in the title.

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